for some reason I remember U
Anonymous asked: napisz wszystkie tytuły piosenek z tego tumblr :((


1. The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored
2. Youth Lagoon - 17
3. Joy Division - New Dawn Fades 
4. The Maccabees - Child 
5. MGMT - Hot Love Drama
6. The Horrors - Still Life
7. Swim Deep - She Changes the Weather
8. Alex Turner - It’s Hard To Get Around The Wind
9. The Vaccines - Somebody else’s child
10. AM - Mardy Bum
1. Sigur Rós - Hoppípolla
12. Nirvana - Oh me
13. Kasabian - La Fe Verte
14. Elliott Smith - Say Yes
15. The Fratellis - Whistle For The Choir 

Anonymous asked: omg I feel like u understand how painful is Alex's & Alexa's separation for me :(

hell yeah sister :(

Anonymous asked: Hey I was wondering, you posted a picture of like a hand holding a cigarette on a balcony overlooking the city or something, with subtitles that said: '[arctic monkeys playing softly]'. What movie or show is that from??

i guess it’s just a text that supposed to look cool :) hah